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June 20, 2013

Elaine Petrocelli from www.bookpassage.com reviews her favorite new books and provides suggestions for summer reading.

The list of titles mentioned today by Elaine can be found here:



Brian Cooley's gadgets 2/20/2013

- HTC One<http://reviews.cnet.com/htc-one/> just unveiled. Is this the phone that can wrest away momentum from the unstoppable Galaxy S III? Might be, if only Verizon would carry it. Still, it looks hot.

- Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona. Biggest cell phone show in the world. Expectations include: Quad Core + 1080p displays everywhere. Windows Phone 8 should kick off Microsoft's full court press to make it in phones and tabs. New Nokia phones that will show if they are in this thing or not. New Samsung Galaxy Note, up to 8" as well as more phablets. But NO Samsung Galaxy S 4 at MWC.

- New Playstation will be unveiled Weds evening in NYC. We expect more emphasis on streaming video, streamed games, new controller and second screen technology as well as possible 4K TV support.

- Two major carmakers are now set to offer Siri built into their cars: Che
vy and Honda. I'll explain why its a big deal.

- Also, two carmakers now have opened up their vehicles to app developers: Ford and GM. This is the beginning of an explosion of awareness around the connected car.

- The end of Hotmail: Microsoft moves everyone to Outlook.com<http://outlook.com/>, which has a Windows 8 look, storage online (and its a gateway drug - they hope - to using Office 365 for $10 a month). Phases in through the Summer. You keep your hotmaill.com<http://hotmaill.com/> address and can claim a new outlook.com<http://outlook.com/> one as well.

- What's new with Apple? Mac Pro may get a big refresh, and Apple TV might be opened up to developers...or an Apple Television might arrive. Too early for the rumored iWatch, but we can talk about it.

Brian Cooley's gadgets 8/15/2012

Nexus 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy Beam

LG Optimus 4X HD

And we have our back to school guide here:



'Apps the Way I Like It with J. Poole

December 6

Here's what we liked today:
Wolfram Culinary Mathematics Reference App
AppZilla 3


September 20

Today we liked:
SwiftKey, AirCassette, Foodspotting, and Coasters HD

September 13

Today we liked:
Paper Camera, Wake Smarter, Live Wallpaper, and InstaMessage.


August 16

Today we liked:
Time Populist, Aquarium, StockTouch, and Web2Go.

August 9

Today we liked: 7 Billion by Nat Geo, Politifact, Google Catalogs, and Launch.

August 2

Today we reviewed:
Aisle411, MyCalendar, Hurricane (Red Cross), and one J didn't like - Lemon.

July 19

Today we liked:

London 2012 Join In
2012 Team America
London 2012 Results
NBC Live Streaming App
On Demand App
National Journal
The Daily

July 12

Today we liked: Wolfram Sun Exposure, SpellTower, Uber app Ice Cream Truck,  and Chrome.

July 5

 We reviewed:  First Aid (American Red Cross), Podcast by Apple, National Geographic Maps, and iTranslate

June 28

Today we reviewed: "hero", "overboard", "panorama 360", and "springtomize 2".

June 21

Today we reviewed: Jeopardy! HD, SpeakEasy, AroundMe, and ClockTwo.

June 7

We reviewed: Pages, Plague Inc, London2012, and foursquare's new design release.

May 24

(feat. Brian Cooley)
Today we reviewed: Pandemic 2.5, Pay By Phone, KurbKarma, Photo Grid, Next Episode, and Play The Golden Gate Bridge.

May 17

We reviewed Ticket Defender, Scramble With Friends, Michael Bauer's Top 100, and Card Munch.

May 10

 J reminds us to update to IOS 5.1.1. We reviewed NewsFlash, HomeSnap, Viddy, and Ugly Meter (J says don't bother buying).

May 3

We reviewed Logos Quiz, Codea, Capture, and IntoNow.

April 26

We reviewed SF Climates, SayHi, StumbleUpon and Slango.

April 19

We reviewed NHL 2012, draw something, iduplicate, and rotary dialer.

April 5

We reviewed Jiu Streetsu, Sleep Cycle, Uber and Magnifying Glass.

March 15

We reviewed iPhoto (J gives it 2 thumbs down), Night Sky, appzilla2, USA TODAY 2.0, and AP mobile app

March 8

We reviewed myURL, readability, PhotoShop touch and CalParks

March 1

We reviewed Girl Scout cookie locator, Ibrate, MLB.com (at bat 12), and snaptell.

Feb 23

localmind, grand theft auto 3, snap & sketch, vevo, billboard, scanner911 and JKL

Feb 16

 clear, transporter, hopstop, FastCustomer and Oscar.

Feb 9

Pocket Express, Discovr Apps, Tetris and Waze.

Feb 2

CrimePush, iFixit, Decide and 7 Little Words.




Click here for the latest list


 "Love in America" (JTX)
"NYC Girl" (the Orion Experience)
"Price Tag" (Jesse J)


"Lincoln Lawyer"

TV Show

"Hawaii 5-0"


  On June 1st we did our "Get a Job Hour" where we take your calls and let you pitch yourself to the audience. Click HERE for the full list.


                 Ronn did his first "Get a Job Hour" of 2012.           

        Click here for all the people featured.




Book Passage President Elaine Petrocelli joined me on December 21 with reviews of her favorite new books. See them here:      


         If you heard someone you want to hire, or a job that sounds like it would work for you,
                                                   here is everyone featured on our 'Get a Job' hour on Dec 1:

Looking for work and looking to hire

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 Elaine Petrocelli from Book Passage recommendations for summer reading

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